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Fire Escape, Window Gates NYC Service

Window guards or window gate NYC are metal grilles that are installed in windows in order to keep young children from climbing out and being killed or injured. Young children may not understand the danger of an open window and may fall to their death at a moment when no older person is watching them.

Nowadays, fire escape window gates NYC and windows with different designs and materials have been introduced. These gates are made from aluminum, iron, wrought iron or steel. Material and quality vary from gate to gate. These easy out gates are designed according to your home providing you peace of mind and relaxation with safety and security. Length and width of these steel gates and fire escape gates is measured with great care, after that high standard material and customer specifications are kept in focus.

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Window Gates Types

Nowadays, there are a lot of various types of window gates out there. The most common types include AC Box top, CH Greek Key Window Grille, circle operable, belly, triple circles, diamonds, nypg/sbg exterior gate – white, nypg/sbg exterior gate – black.

However, the type of fire escape window gates NYC will greatly vary on your specifications. Because of this, it is ideal to hire a professional locksmith, such as Smith ST Locksmith. They will come to your property and inspect it. Then, they will recommend the best window gate NYC for your property. They will make sure that the window gate will fit your needs and your budget.

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?

Every fire escape window gates NYC shall be located, arranged, constructed and maintained in accordance with the following provisions:

  • Access to a fire-escape shall be from a living room or private hall in each apartment or suite of rooms at each story above the entrance story, and such access shall not include any window of a stair hall.

  • When one or more living rooms of any apartment are rented to boarders or lodgers, every such room shall be directly accessible to a window gate NYC without passing through a public hall.

  • Every fire-escape shall be constructed of open balconies and stairways of iron or stone capable of sustaining a load of at least eighty pounds per square foot.

  • Balconies for fire-escapes shall be three feet or more in clear width.

Window gate services including

It is important to you that you choose the best locksmith company in NYC so that you do not get let down. Smith ST Locksmith offers the best kind of help with NYC fire escape window gate and fire escape gate NYC, and we provide custom-made products that perfectly suit the needs that you have and that look just as you want them to look. We also have the ability for you to get free estimates now so that you understand exactly what you can expect to pay. We’ve got fast response when you reach out to us and services that help you get your iron fence in quickly. Our company offers affordable pricing for all of the work that we do, helping you buy what you want, and pay for the installation services that you need. finally, we have team that listens to you and makes sure that they know all of your needs before they start to work.

Affordable Locksmith Price Range That Fits Any Budget

When we work for people like you in the New York City area, we expect you to share your NYC fire escape window gate needs with us and let us know how our fire escape gate NYC services can help you. We want to sit down with you and let you explain which types of fabrication services you are looking to get. Once we have a clear picture of what your needs are, we can get your home or business set up with good help.

We work with any budget. Thus, you’ve got nothing to worry about us. We can make a custom fire escape gate depending on your needs and budget.

All locksmith work GUARANTEED

When seeking help with an installation at your home, know that you will be happy after we provide you with custom-made fire escape gates. When looking to have a repair made on something that was previously custom-made, know that we offer a high-quality service that will provide you with just the fix that you are seeking. Our NYC team is ready to take on all of your window gate & fire escape related needs, and we will make sure that your home becomes safer through the work that we do. Contact us today for help with your home.


By law, the owner of an apartment can charge a tenant no more than $10 for each window guard that the tenant asks in writing to have installed in the tenant’s apartment.

The tenant can make a payment plan, or he or she can pay the surcharge all at once. The plan cannot be longer than three years. The tenant must pay the balance right away if a tenant leaves the apartment before the total surcharge is paid in full.

A tenant isn’t required to pay for existing window guards. If the property already has window guards when the tenant arrived, he or she is not responsible to pay for it. However, if a tenant wants to replace an old window guard. Then he or she needs to pay for it.

Window guards are not required on windows that serve as fire exits or that are not designed to be opened. In a condominium, cooperative or mutual housing building, the association must install window guards in hallway windows when asked to do so in writing by a tenant who has a child 10 years of age or younger either living in the tenant’s apartment or regularly spending a lot of time there.

location 98 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201