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Auto Locksmith Windsor Terrace

Our car technician team is always ready to get to you and help you with the security issue of your vehicle. We promise to get you moving in the shortest time possible. Our usual response time is around 20 up to 30 minutes.

Lockout situations usually occur at worst possible times. Getting locked out of your own vehicle is extremely frustrating. This is especially true if you are in a hurry. Of course, you will require Auto Locksmith Windsor Terrace professionals to solve this issue, as well as other car lock-related issues. Thus, you’ll look for a reliable auto locksmith in Park Slope, NY. At Smith ST Locksmith, whether you require car key cutting or a full lock change, we are here to get your car locks in a perfect state. We can also offer transponder replacement.

Auto Locksmith Windsor Terrace

24 Hour Solutions for All of Your Security Needs

Since we offer services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we can promptly handle emergencies. In addition to that, the area of Park Slope is huge. However, we ensure that we will arrive at your location within 30 minutes or less. We’ve got our locksmiths working in various locations.

The auto locksmiths are the service providers who are well-trained and highly able. At Smith ST Locksmith, our Auto Locksmith Windsor Terrace technicians will attend to emergencies at any time and any day. They will help you easily to re-access your car by unlocking the door. In addition to that, they’re also capable of handling any emergency situation related to car locks. 

Highly Trained Professionals

Smith ST Locksmith is also able to secure your vehicle from theft by installing alarm systems. We fix all kinds of electronic locking and alarm systems in the car to ensure security. As usual, it doesn’t matter what make or model your car is. We are able to ensure that your devices are working efficiently and are well-maintained.

We can program and cut fob and transponder keys using the latest technology to ensure the efficiency of the system. Fob and transponder keys are handy in the new car models.

In the case of a broken key inside the locks or ignition, Smith ST Locksmith is able to remove it and offer a replacement. We make sure that your car doesn’t develop any mechanical or technical issue as a result of a broken car key.

Residential Locksmith

Licensed and Bonded Locksmith

Simply because we provide affordable prices don’t mean that the way we do our job is also cheap. While our rates are very affordable, the quality that we deliver is always high. In addition to that, if you ask for a free estimate, you can easily get an insight into the rate of the service you need. Of course, at Smith ST Locksmith, we always offer free estimates whenever you contact us. So, for your Auto Locksmith Windsor Terrace needs, contact us today. 

The technicians working in Smith ST Locksmith make sure that the service they provide is of high quality. A lot of instances, we get calls from helpless clients who got locked out of their homes and cars. Fortunately, our professional locksmiths quickly respond to these calls and arrive at the location within several minutes. 


We always try to fix and open locks non-destructively as this will keep the costs down. However on some occasions we will have to break a lock if non-destructive entry isn’t possible. We will always advise of costing before proceeding with any work.

Lock snapping or cylinder snapping is only relevant to UPVC or composite doors fitted with Euro cylinder locks. The easiest way to prevent lock snapping is to upgrade your composite door locks to a new anti-snap lock such as British Standard, 3 Star BSI TS007 cylinders which are shown to resist this form of attack.

Get referrals from friends, check with the BBB, and much more. All Locksmiths are required to be licensed and have gone through an FBI background check. Upon arrival, you should ask the locksmith for his pocket card, as we are required by law to carry them with us and show the public when asked.  

Unless the locks don’t operate properly, or you just do not like the look or color of your locks, rekeying will be a much cheaper option.

Rekeying means you can keep your present locks, but requires changing the pins inside them so any copies of your old key will no longer work. Rekeying saves you time and money!

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Want to experience the best Auto Locksmith Greenwood services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Smith ST Locksmith as soon as possible. We would be very glad to assist you with your problems no matter how hard or complicated they are. We have what it takes to solve your key and lock problems in the most reliable and fastest way possible. Getting locked out or losing your keys or the middle of the night won’t be a huge issue anymore as we are ready to serve 24/7.

location 98 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201